Bangkok, Thailand

This is one of the most fascinating locations I’ve traveled to. Thick jungles surround enormous, immensely crowded cities, so busy the main drag is usually ten lanes wide.

Nonetheless, it’s fairly safe to walk the streets in the dead of night. In fact, many of my favorite memories are of the nightlife. Nightclubs are hopping all night. Until I partied with a club full of professional Frisbee athletes, I didn’t know there was such a thing.

A stewardess on my flight told my traveling companion one can get anything you want in Thailand. Want a bride? They advertise for them in magazine ads.

From delectable treats to meals from around the world served in every type restaurant conceivable, you won’t go hungry. Every cuisine possible can be easily found with Thailand’s multi-cultural foodie experience. The best Greek food I’ve ever ate was in Bangkok. Incredible Thai food will make your hair stand on end, but it’s delightful. Seafood is at its best in this fabulous country.

Be sure to visit the water market. Try the local fruits and food cooked right in front of you in a wok on the waterway. Take a ride on a boat in the canal. Watch kids swim off their back doors in the canal, while their moms wash clothes in the murky waterway. Buy bread from monks and feed the huge golden catfish vying for a meal. They jump up to beg for pieces.

Walking the streets with friends in the middle of the night, after a night of dining and clubbing, we headed to get foot massages. I had no idea there was such a place. Let me tell you. A foot massage after a day on your feet and an evening partying is the best treat in the universe. I fell in love with the lovely ladies in the foot massage parlor across from my four star hotel.

Were else can you be taking a cab to your hotel from a night of dancing and dining, driving down a ten-lane highway, and see a monk leading an elephant along a sidewalk with a leash? Yes, elephants are sacred. So are monks. Don’t attempt to touch either of them.

If you go, don’t miss my favorite attractions. The castle where the royal family had lived is a fantastic trip. Don’t be surprised to see the locals all carrying umbrellas to protect their skin from the hot sun. I stood out like the foreigner I was, the only person in sight not carrying one.

This incredible local is where The King And I was filmed and it’s been in many other movies, because of the beautiful, colorful temples. If you enter a temple, and I advise you do, be sure to leave your shoes at the door. It’s so warming to the soul to sit inside, say a prayer, meditate or simply enjoy the quiet for a few moments.

Visit the flea market, but make sure you’re with someone who knows their way around. It’s enormous and a maze you may never find your way out of without a guide. The food is good and the prices are low. You can find any kind of souvenir you can imagine.

The experience is truly life changing. Women are the most beautiful in the world, tiny, almost fragile looking. People are warm, kind and welcoming.

Crime is low. Thailand’s law enforcement system doesn’t stand for breaking the law. Punishment is severe, and it must be working, because it felt extremely safe being there.

Whether you like sight seeing, night life, cultural experiences, are a determined foodie, explorer, adventurer or simply want to relax on pristine beaches, Thailand has something for you.

Published by Lynda Rees

Love is a mystery to be explored! Enjoy the ride. I write as Lynda Rees, I write what I loved to read–romance with a hint of mystery being screwed up by history, so romantic fiction with a bit of mystery and history. I'm interested in history of the mob-especially its influence in my home state of Kentucky; the wild west; Alaska, horse racing, riding and equestrian breeding. I'm fascinated how history affects current-day and frames our lives. The hero of my life story, my incredible husband Mike, and our family of critters thrive on a Kentucky horse farm. He's a saint, nurturing partner and my best supporter. I am a free spirited adventurer and a fun loving gal, with workaholic tendencies. Whatever crazy adventure I conger up, he is by my side. I have many faces, adept at juggling multiple priorities. I am a driven story teller, a dreamer, whose dreams come true. I've written blessings into my life since I learned to read at my grandpa's side at the age of five. Stories continual thread throughout every aspect of my life. I nurtured two amazing people to become phenomenal adults, my son Michael and daughter Brandy. I am working the same magic spell on my grandchildren, Harley, Hunter and E. J. Harley is co-author of my children's middle-grade books. I dreamed of an incredible man to share my life; two blonde, blue-eyed babies and a horse farm in Kentucky filled with family, fun, animals and laughter. A diverse background brings rare perspective and insight, which plays out in my work. Born in splendor of the Appalachian Mountains, the daughter of a coal miner and part Cherokee Indian, I grew up in Northern Kentucky when the Mob reigned supreme in Newport, Kentucky, and the city prospered as a mecca for gambling, prostitution and sin. My father instilled in me, a strong work ethic and capability to achieve my goals. Writing has brought me extraordinary experiences, opened worldwide doors and taken me to exotic locations I never dreamed to set foot in. Traveling the world, visiting exotic places and enjoying wonderful cultures flavors my words. I'm a member of Romance Writers of American, PRO; Association of Writers and Writing Programs; North Texas Romance Writers of America; Mid-America Romance Writers; Kiss of Death Writers; From The Heart Romance Writers and American Writers and Artists, Inc. Writing romance is my passion. I have been writing published in various magazines, newspapers, author a newsletter, have many adult and children's novels published. In 2020, my plans are to publish several self-help books and even more novels. My work is in eBook, print and audio book. My works are in the process of being translated so in 2020 they will be available in German, Italian, French and Spanish. So many stories swirl in my head at any given time, I drift off to sleep each night, as they brand themselves into my subconscious, eager to find their way onto written pages. I hope you find something that speak so your heart! Time for Romance! Lynda Rees Love is a dangerous mystery. Enjoy the Ride!

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