Let’s face it. The price of everything has gone up lately. We’re all looking for ways to better spend our cash. Here are my Top 10 Tips to grocery shopping on a budget.

  1. Make a menu of meals for the week. Create your shopping list of this.
  2. Check the sale papers to determine what is on sale that you need.
  3. Clip coupons and don’t forget to take them with you. Put them with your list. There are two types of coupons. Store coupons are usually good for that week and can only be used at the store advertising them. Manufacture’s coupons are usually good for at least a month. Check the expiration date. These are good at all retailers who take coupons.
  4. Consider purchasing enough of a staple like meat, when it’s on sale, to cook more than one meal of it. For instance, if ground meat is on sale. You could put tacos, chili, hamburgers, and meatloaf on your menu. Purchase enough of the sale meat for four meals. If it’s in a bulk package, repackage it at home into enough for each meal and store it appropriately in the refrigerator or freezer, depending on when you plan to cook it.
  5. Go room to room determining what you need from the store for that room. Bathroom-toilet paper, cleanser, bowl cleaner, etc. Laundry room-fabric softener, detergent, etc. Are you out or low on something? Add it to the list. This will help prevent needless trips to pick up something you forgot. Those extra excursions end up with you picking up a few things extra you probably didn’t really need.
  6. Make a list and don’t forget to take it to the store. I’ve been known to forget mine. Never shop without one. I keep a running list throughout the week and add to it as I find I’m out of something.
  7. If you select something not on your list, put it in the seat section of the cart. Before checking out, review the items in this section. Put back whatever you decide you don’t need or truly want.
  8. Eat before shopping. It’s important. If you’re hungry, you will succumb to the delicious smells that grocers’ pipe into the air. You’ll be prone to impulse buying items you don’t really need or want.
  9. Shop the outer perimeter of the store first. That’s where staples are stored. Items like meat, produce, and dairy. Center isles hold convenience, canned foods. These should be the last items you consider purchasing, so shop them last and with awareness of what you really need.
  10. Consider shopping alternatives. Some stores offer different prices, selections or sizes of the same things you might pay more for at a grocery. For instance, I like shopping dollar stores for cleaning and paper products. Some stores require you to bag your own purchases, but they give you lower prices to make up for that. Some stores, like Aldi, have mostly non-brand name products. They also require you bag your items, but I’ve found their products to be extremely high quality. They are my all-time favorite grocery trip.

Published by Lynda Rees

Love is a mystery to be explored! Enjoy the ride. I write as Lynda Rees, I write what I loved to read–romance with a hint of mystery being screwed up by history, so romantic fiction with a bit of mystery and history. I'm interested in history of the mob-especially its influence in my home state of Kentucky; the wild west; Alaska, horse racing, riding and equestrian breeding. I'm fascinated how history affects current-day and frames our lives. The hero of my life story, my incredible husband Mike, and our family of critters thrive on a Kentucky horse farm. He's a saint, nurturing partner and my best supporter. I am a free spirited adventurer and a fun loving gal, with workaholic tendencies. Whatever crazy adventure I conger up, he is by my side. I have many faces, adept at juggling multiple priorities. I am a driven story teller, a dreamer, whose dreams come true. I've written blessings into my life since I learned to read at my grandpa's side at the age of five. Stories continual thread throughout every aspect of my life. I nurtured two amazing people to become phenomenal adults, my son Michael and daughter Brandy. I am working the same magic spell on my grandchildren, Harley, Hunter and E. J. Harley is co-author of my children's middle-grade books. I dreamed of an incredible man to share my life; two blonde, blue-eyed babies and a horse farm in Kentucky filled with family, fun, animals and laughter. A diverse background brings rare perspective and insight, which plays out in my work. Born in splendor of the Appalachian Mountains, the daughter of a coal miner and part Cherokee Indian, I grew up in Northern Kentucky when the Mob reigned supreme in Newport, Kentucky, and the city prospered as a mecca for gambling, prostitution and sin. My father instilled in me, a strong work ethic and capability to achieve my goals. Writing has brought me extraordinary experiences, opened worldwide doors and taken me to exotic locations I never dreamed to set foot in. Traveling the world, visiting exotic places and enjoying wonderful cultures flavors my words. I'm a member of Romance Writers of American, PRO; Association of Writers and Writing Programs; North Texas Romance Writers of America; Mid-America Romance Writers; Kiss of Death Writers; From The Heart Romance Writers and American Writers and Artists, Inc. Writing romance is my passion. I have been writing published in various magazines, newspapers, author a newsletter, have many adult and children's novels published. In 2020, my plans are to publish several self-help books and even more novels. My work is in eBook, print and audio book. My works are in the process of being translated so in 2020 they will be available in German, Italian, French and Spanish. So many stories swirl in my head at any given time, I drift off to sleep each night, as they brand themselves into my subconscious, eager to find their way onto written pages. I hope you find something that speak so your heart! Time for Romance! Lynda Rees Love is a dangerous mystery. Enjoy the Ride!

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