Bangkok, Thailand

This is one of the most fascinating locations I’ve traveled to. Thick jungles surround enormous, immensely crowded cities, so busy the main drag is usually ten lanes wide. Nonetheless, it’s fairly safe to walk the streets in the dead of night. In fact, many of my favorite memories are of the nightlife. Nightclubs are hoppingContinue reading “Bangkok, Thailand”

Easy Keto Desserts

Decadent Desserts by Lyndi Kae These mouthwatering, simple recipes will keep your sweet tooth happy. They’re so deliciously decadent you’ll wonder why you didn’t go Keto sooner. Fabulous, easy recipes filled with antioxidants and healthy fat to improve focus and help you feel free and amazing. This cookbook is a simple tool to help youContinue reading “Easy Keto Desserts”