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Hate Cleaning the Shower?

Here’s a time and work-saving tip. Mix the following in a spray bottle. Keep it in the shower and spray the stall down each day after your shower. The shower stall will keep itself clean and sparkling. 24 oz. water 1/2 cup peroxide 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol 2 tsp. Dawn dishwashing liquid 2 tsp. whiteContinue reading “Hate Cleaning the Shower?”


Wow! Author Lynda Rees has been extremely busy this fall. She has recently released an illustrated children’s picture book to help your child get over fears, understand and appreciate diversity and friendship. Available in eBook, print, audiobook or hardback book. The audiobook version will make you cry, it’s so well-done. Get your copy of NOContinue reading “NEWLY RELEASED”

Aerobic Activity

Like jogging, dancing, jumping rope, biking, as littler as 7 Minutes a day, less than an hour a week, reduces risk of heart attack and stroke by about 30%. This is data from the Journal of Sports Medicine. It strengthens your heart, reduces cell-destroying inflammation and helps regulate blood sugar.

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